Best Hospital for Vascular Disease Treatment in Chennai

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Best Hospital for Vascular Disease Treatment in chennai

Laser vein clinic is Chennai’s first state of the art clinic aimed at offering integrated cutting edge treatment of vascular and venous disorders. The centre uses modern treatments like sclerotherapy for varicose veins, laser ablation and Radio frequency ablation for varicose veins and vena seal. The vein clinic treats conditions like varicose veins ,venous ulcers ,spider veinslymphoedema , arterio venous malformations and restless leg syndrome.

The centre prides itself in being patient friendly putting patient care and well being above all else. The centre’s physicians are UK and US trained surgeons specialising in vascular health. Experienced radiologists adept at diagnosing vascular conditions perform the diagnosis using a combination of Ultrasound technology and if necessary Magnetic resonance imaging.

laser vein clinic is one of the first centre’s in India using Hyperbaric oxygen therapy(HBOT) to treat vascular conditions. HBOT has completely revolutionised the way vascular conditions are treated all over the world with Laser vein clinic being the first to adopt HBOT for the treatment of varicose veins and leg ulcers with amazing results. The centre’s location and pristine ambience with ever smiling and cordial staff makes it a great place to visit and recommend for all vein diseases. Insurance claims are processed by adept personnel ensuring quick turn around time for patients.

Introduction to Vein disease

Vein and vascular diseases are easily one of the most debilitating conditions affecting young and old people alike. A developmental anomaly / lifestyle change or a systemic illness or disease can cause vascular ailments. These conditions are often not life threatening barring few rare instances. Pain and pigmentations are very common with vascular disease which if left untreated can result in simple aesthetic issues to complicated non healing ulcers. Peripheral vascular disease if not cared for adequately may sometimes result in amputation.

In women particularly, aesthetic appearance of lower limbs matters a lot. Spider veins and engorged varicose veins spoil the aesthetic appearance totally leading to ugly bulges visible to the naked eye. Pigmentation may result from long standing vein disease due to haemoglobin breakdown and iron deposition. This may cause intense itching with the formation of leg ulcers which discharge incessantly. Peripheral vascular disease especially in chronic smokers may cause in loss of digits. However this can easily be reversed with HBOT.