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Got Varicose Veins? Thinking if Surgery is the only Option?

With 10 million cases each year, varicose is one of the dominating diseases in India. The bulgy nerves right under the skin of the legs are Varicose veins. They are twisted, swollen blood vessels appearing in blue or purple colours. And the smaller veins around the varicose veins are spider veins. 

Spider and varicose veins belong to the same family, venous diseases, located in multiple parts of the body. However, varicose veins can be more painful and itchy than spider veins.

The factors like age, weight, gender, overall health, family history, tobacco, and lifestyle, cause varicose veins in a person. However, weight plays a predominant role. Removal of varicose veins through surgery depends on the comfort of a person. If varicose veins do not cause discomfort, they are treated without surgery using technological equipment. In the worst cases, if they go untreated, it could lead to severe problems. 

In case of any symptoms, consider paying a visit to Varicose Vein Treatment in Chennai.

Diagnosis of Varicose:

The first stage of varicose surgery starts with examining the patient’s condition. Since the varicose presents right under the skin, doctors scrutinize it while a patient is sitting or standing. To check for complications, if there are any, they suggest undergoing an ultrasound scan.

After examining the results, doctors suggest the best practice for the patient. Although varicose is forever present in the body, the most basic three stages of treatment include:

  1. Lifestyle changes
  2. Compression
  3. Surgery

Lifestyle Changes:

Doctors suggest this method for individuals more likely to develop varicose or are at the first level. Making little changes in daily activities can reduce the risk of varicose developments or refrain from evolving new ones. These include:

  • Not standing for a longer time: Standing for a long time can pool the blood in the lower part of the body. Thus, increasing the pressure in the veins. Due to the increased pressure, the veins expand, damaging the walls and valves of the vein.
  • Losing Weight: Obesity puts extra pressure on the legs, causing varicose.
  • Exercising regularly: Exercises like walking and swimming stretches the body and leads to the proper circulation of blood in the veins. 

Compression or Squeezes:

If varicose reaches a certain level, doctors advise using compressions. The compressions and shock stockings put additional pressure on the legs. Squeezes stop the vein walls from expanding. It increases the blood flow and helps with the effects like swelling and blood clots preventing the new evolution of varicose and the spider veins. 


If changes in the lifestyle and compressions do not work doctors prefer performing surgery. Removing varicose veins with incisions by cutting the skin is known as vein ligation and stripping. It is the treatment followed to remove the varicose veins. But due to technological advancements, vein-stripping surgical methods have become outdated. 

The other technological advancement methods are:

  1. Injection Therapy
  2. Laser Therapy

However, visiting Varicose Vein Clinic in Chennai once in a while is the best way to check on the well-being of veins.