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Laser Vein Treatment for Spider Veins

What Is Laser Vein Treatment:

During laser treatment of spider veins, a laser is applied to the veins. It transmits photons that are absorbed by the blood cells in the veins. The vein then generates heat that destroys the blood vessel. The laser does not hurt the skin or the surrounding tissue. The damaged vein then reduces in size and dissolves over a time period. The blood in the previous vein is rerouted to healthier veins.

During laser treatment for spider veins, you will be given goggles to protect your eyes from the laser light. We will apply a cooling gel to the body part that is being treated. The laser will target the skin over the spider veins. Ice may be used to make you comfortable during the procedure. This treatment does not require any downtime, though some inflammation and redness in the treated area is a common side-effect. Compression garments must be worn for a specified period of time after your appointment.

Usually, you will need more than one laser session. This depends on the number, colour and size of the veins being treated. The sessions often have a 4-week gap. Speak to your doctor about how to arrange your sessions.

Complications of Laser Vein Treatment:

In general, lasers are a safe way to treat spider veins. However, like with other procedures, laser treatments also can have side effects such as the following:

–        Skin burns.

–        Changes to skin colouring in the treated areas.

–        Sensations like burning, pain, or prickling after recovery, may be the results of nerve damage caused by the treatment.

–        Blood clotting in the vein.

–        Infection

–        Spotting

–        Swelling

–        Crusting

–        Blistering

Laser treatment is painful to a minimum extent. A topical anaesthetic is slightly effective at reducing pain from laser treatment. If you are concerned about pain, speak to a dermatologist about any pain-relieving steps that you can take before the procedure.

There are actions you can take to reduce your risk. You should discuss with your doctor the expectations, potential risks and outcomes of the procedure. You must avoid sunbathing, tanning beds or waxing for two weeks prior to the procedure. You need to avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements due to an increased risk of bleeding.

The Importance of an Experienced Doctor:

One good way of avoiding complications from laser vein treatment is by selecting an experienced doctor who is a veins specialist. A doctor with years of experience may lower your chances of experiencing skin burns, discolouration, pain, clotting and other side effects from laser vein procedures.

Talk to your doctor about how much experience he has with the newest laser vein treatment procedures, and how often his patients report negative side effects after treatment. A doctor using the best technology in laser vein treatments will have fewer patients experiencing side effects after their procedures.

We at the Laser Vein Clinic know that you want to be in the best and most experienced hands when you are getting your veins treated. That is why our doctors are experienced and well-trained in laser treatment procedures. If you suffer from spider veins and want laser treatment, come to us, we have doctors who have gotten positive feedback from their patients. We promise that we will give you the safe and effective treatment that you deserve.