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The Risks and Complications of Varicose Veins Treatment

Treatments for Varicose Veins:

There are several treatments for varicose veins including self-care, compression stockings, and surgeries. Procedures for treating varicose veins are often finished within one day. The objectives of varicose vein treatment are to reduce symptoms, prevent complications, and for some, improve appearance. The following are the different treatments for varicose veins:

–        Self-care:

Self-care involves treatments that do not require assistance from a medical professional but can be done by you yourself. Elevating your legs can help you. You should avoid sitting or standing still for long periods of time. Getting regular exercise is a great way to improve blood flow in the veins.

–        Compression stockings:

Compression stockings squeeze the legs, which causes the veins and leg muscles to move blood more efficiently. You must speak to your doctor about which stockings you should use because they vary by length and pressure. You may or may not need to wear compression stockings all day.

–        Surgeries:

There are several surgical procedures that you can opt for if you have varicose veins. They are sclerotherapy, laser treatment, catheter-based procedures, high ligation and veins tripping and ambulatory phlebectomy. Your doctor will advise you on which procedure you should choose.

Risks and Complications of Treatments:

While each type of treatment has its own risks and complications there are some common ones for all of them. If you get treatment for varicose veins, you may experience some minor side effects including discoloration or bruising in the treatment area, along with some minor swelling.

More invasive procedures like surgical vein stripping have a greater risk of side effects. These risks can include:

–        Allergic reaction to the numbing solution or local anesthetic that’s used

–        infection at the incision site

–        Nerve injury that can cause numbness near the treatment site

–        Heavy bleeding

–        Prominent scars

–        Blood clots

–        Injury to the vein and the tissues surrounding it.

Blood clots are the most serious of these complications. Wearing your compression stockings following the surgery and exercising and staying active can help ensure blood flow remains uninhibited, significantly reducing the risk of clot development.

How to Prevent Complications from Varicose Vein Treatments:

Before and after your varicose vein surgery, your doctor will give you post-treatment care instructions. It’s important to follow these instructions to avoid the serious risks that are associated with these procedures. Varicose vein surgery complications do not occur when these instructions are followed properly most of the time.

You must provide your medical provider with all the information requested. This can include your medical history such as whether or not you have allergies, whether you are taking any medication, and more. Choose the treatment that is optimized for your specific needs and health status.

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